Droid Explorer Beta9/8/2015

Change log

  • updated the location of the device images to use the program data directory. This is mainly for the service because a normal user, on windows 10, will not have access to read the icon file.
  • updated to use Visual Studio 2015
  • updated to .net 4.5.2
  • updated to use Wix 3.10 - it will try to use the installed version of wix, if it has created the WIX environment variable
  • changed the position of the Ask for Help button on windows 8 devices to account for the larger buttons (on windows 10)
  • fixed when looking for the build tools versions it will only take directories in to account that match a version string regex.
  • Reworked the 'status-window' to use existing functionality in ADB so a different binary does not have to be distributed with Droid Explorer.
  • Updated some of the plugins that launch tools. It now checks for the tools, if it can't find them, they will not show up.
  • Updated the application manifest files to support current features in windows.
  • Added check to see if user (or user policy) has recent document tracking disabled. If it is, do not attempt to create jump lists. [workitem:17511]