Droid Explorer Beta9/4/2012

Change log

Added fallback icon if unable to get the image/icon from the Cloud Service
Removed some stale plugins that were either out dated or incomplete.
Added handler for *.ab files for restoring backups
Added plugin to create device backups
Backups stored in %USERPROFILE%\Android Backups\%DEVICE_ID%Added custom folder icon for the android backups directory
better error handling for installing an apk
bug fixes for the Runner.
Added windows shell menu to unpack android backups thanks to a modified version of "ABE" (
added BasePlugin class that defines properties that may stay the same between plugins.
Runner changed to use ID of plugin to load. This defaults to the "type,assembly", but is overridable.
Implemented the Enhanced Android Backup. -
.ABEX files are tied to a device so backups can be applied to the correct device during a restore.
new icon for android packages
From my tests, Vista x64 is now working