Droid Explorer Beta8/19/2012

Change log

Device images are now pulled from DroidExplorer Cloud Service
refined some issues with the usage statistics
Added a method to get the first available value from a list of property names
DroidExplorer.Configuration no longer depends on DroidExplorer.Core.UI (it is actually the other way now)
fix to the bootstraper to only try to delete the SDK if it is a "local" sdk, not an existing.
no longer support the "local" sdk, you must now select an existing SDK
checks for sdk if it was installed by the "official" installer.
removed option to use the "local sdk" in the bootstrapper during the install process
removed the download panel from the bootstrapper. It will never need to use that panel with using an existing sdk.
removed the Android SDK license agreement acceptance panel.
added another panel to stop the adb service if it is running right before it starts the service.
added some "cleanup" when the service stops to help ensure that there are no "orphaned" devices. All connected devices
and all "known" devices are unregistered from the system.
static assets removed. They are no longer used.
added a notification for new versions being released.
fixed the issue with the colors of the screenshot being off. (may not be the fastest solution, but works for now)