Droid Explorer Beta6/19/2010

Change log

fixed missing file in the standalone installer
added check for minimum .net framework version in to bootstrapper (v3.5sp1)
increased the service start/stop timeout in the bootstrapper from 30 seconds to 60 seconds
removed initial strings from download panel labels of bootstrapper
htc desire / bravo icon added for attached devices - thanks to beadza for identifying the device
added ability to only install the SDK Tools by running install with /sdk switch
sdk install mode checks if DE is installed, if not, it switches to full install mode
bart plugin now also checks the sd-ext mount point for the license.
added the sd-ext app paths as valid application paths
added sd-ext app paths to the application backup plugin
removed plugin as the site is dead.
screencast plugin changed to pull the jnlp file directly from the trunk of the project. If there
is an error, it falls back to a "local" file
fixed issues with spaces in folder names
motorola backflip icon added for attached devices - thanks to zibiza for identifying the device
new screenshot app that handles all resolutions. Uses new methods to get the framebuffer data
adjusted the RGB565 class to better handle other devices for screenshots
started to implement communicating with adb over TCP like ddms does.
acer liquid icon added for attached devices - thanks to fyodor0218 for identifying the device
started working on the ability to use existing sdk (not yet an option, but soon)