Droid Explorer Beta11/15/2009

Change log

added the r2 windows usb drivers, which add support for droid and other devices
added new checks for the drivers. Checks for dream/magic/sholes - these are the devices that google defines in the .inf file.
images moved to external resources library
changed the installer images to be more "custom"
removed need for droid explorer to require "run as administrator" - Yay!
the bootstrapper now handles starting the service. This makes sure the sdk is setup before it starts.
bootstrapper is self contained, the msi is an embedded resource and all referenced assemblies are ILMerged
repository file is hosed on the droid explorer google code site, it is based on the same one that google uses for the android sdk setup
the tools are also hosted on the google code site, this is so the download size is smaller, since all unused bits are removed.
A fully standalone version of install is also available. No need for internet access to install.
boot strapper support uninstall - setup.exe /uninstall
removed reference to the "common.shared" assembly.
added a properites dialog for folders/files
properties dialog shows security settings as well.
fixed icons in context menu for new folder/file