Droid Explorer Beta9/16/2009

Change log

Changed the SdkInstallDialog to use a WebRequest instead of the WebClient. Hopefully this will help some peoples issues...
Window settings are now saved and reloaded.
Remembers the folder view state (large icon, details, etc)
added --color=never to directory listing command. this should fix the issue people with Heros are having
moved the options dialog tree config to its own file, as it really isnt configured by the user.
added batch installer plugin (alpha) that can install/uninstall multiple apk's at one time.
added logging info for droid explorer. (saved in %USERAPPDATA%\DroidExplorer\logs)
it should also handle "unhandled" errors better
wired up Tools menu items
Added property to indicate if a plugin can be ran by the Runner
Jumplist items added for runnable plugins