Droid Explorer Beta11/6/2009

Change log

fixed the error that plugin logs when it starts because it did not implement "Runnable"
shell extension for apk files so the apk icon displays in explorer - based on
seems there is a bug in some APKs that dont display their icon, nor do they display the default icon.
registers and unregisters the shell extension on install/uninstall
driver check now works better in the installer
removed some tools menu items that have been replaced by plugins
Installer now gives "options" on what features to install
changed default apk icon to be the "android package" icon
fixed bug with launching ddms and hierarchy viewer
fixed bug launching the google applications backup plugin
added methods to the core command runner to make a mount point read/write and readonly
added icon for the motorola droid
added icon for the samsung moment
added icon for the htc droid eris